Rust Convertors


Dev Rust Convertors are unique solutions or primers that can be coated on iron or steel surfaces to convert rust (iron oxide) into a protective shield. The working mechanism is that the Rust Convertor reacts with rust or chemically, iron (III) oxide, converting it into a stable complex that is hydrophobic and forms a layer which acts as a barrier to moisture & prevents further rusting. This layer is dark purple or blackish in colour and also acts a primer for further processes like painting

Storage and Shelf life


  • High degreasing power for geometrically complex parts.
  • Forms an almost imperceptible thin protective film able to affix stabilizing auto-repairable anti-corrosive surfaces.
  • V - active VCI monomolecular layer formation post degreasing stops flash rusting till preservation application.


Eliminates need for labour intensive jobs like scraping, sandblasting, etc. Free of heavy metals like lead and chromates. 3-in-1 function - Removes existing rust | Forms a protective coating | Acts a primer Multiple applications: o Machinery and equipment o Railway coaches o Steel bridges o Ship repair o Corrosion protection of iron and steel materials


Appearance Greenish Brownish
Specific Gravity(g/cc) 1.1
Solubility in water Miscible
Ph 2-3

Characteristic Properties

Boiling point >200°F
Flash Point (TCC) NA
Theoretical Coverage 100 - 150 sq. ft. per liter of material
Touch Dry time 30 minutes
Full curing time 12-24 hours (depends on environment)

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