Fuel System


Fuel based anti-corrosive preservative and additive that forms a protection film on the metal surface, which is empty space between the fuel and the tank. Also protects the fluid-touching area of tanks or pipe.


  • Corrosion inhibitor for Diesel (nautical use).
  • Application in closed environments where the anti-corrosive, in its vapour phase remains inside.


  • High chemical stability.
  • Forms an almost unnoticeable thin protective film able to affix stabilizing auto-repairable anti-corrosive surface.

Features & Benefits

  • Protects the engine metal surface both in immersion and aerated states.
  • Due to its low concentration, does not interfere in features of burn and waste of the combustion engines.
  • Forms a protective monomolecular film layer on metal surface with excellent solubility in diesel.
  • Eliminates the formation of sulphate reducing bacteria colony.
  • Suitable to stop growth of both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria.
  • Burns as fuel with loss in calorific value.

Directions for use

Add 0.1%: In all tanks of constant use,example: boats, day tanks. Add 0.5%: In all tanks of intermittent use,example: boats. Add 2% where equipment laid off.

Storage & Packaging

  • Do not reuse empty containers.
  • Also available in small containers.

Physical & Chemical Data

Type of film Monomolecular
Flash point 60 degC
Colour Brown
Density at 20°C 0.900 g/cm³

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