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On-time Delivery

At Deva, your time gets the value and respect it deserves. We invest men and material into your project based on a pre-determined schedule and always deliver on schedule; each time, every time.

Professional Team

Our expert team of preservation engineers lead the preservation work you demand, taking every specific into consideration, documenting everything, every step of the way.

Smart Technology

We employ cutting edge and proven preservation technologies that reduce the cost to our clients while achieving maximum possible utility of physical assets, without costing planet Earth its life!


Corrosion is a problem in every industry. Metals have a natural tendency to oxidize to reach more stable state like rust, as found in nature. Metals oxidize at various rates, depending on environmental factors, by reacting with moisture and/or oxygen to develop rust/oxide layer. Because of this, industries suffer heavily – due to loss of integrity of their assets resulting in lower availability and poorer reliability
  • Corrosion inhibitors for all kind of fluids
  • Anti Mold/Mildew solutions
  • Moisture cure PU coatings
  • Metal discontinuity repair

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