Who We Are?

Who We Are?

We - Deva Preservation Services Pte. Ltd. - are a specialized Preservation Services Company. We are a team of well qualified and trained team of engineers and technicians who are keen to preserve Mother Earth and her resources for our grand and great-grandchildren.

We employ multiple, proven cutting-edge preservation technologies to provide customized solutions to preserve our clients’ plant and equipment and eliminate repair and / rework on these assets. We apply the ‘lowest cost to client’ approach in selection of the suitable technologies for a given requirement.

We have enabled many local companies and MNCs in the Manufacturing, Marine, Oil & Gas and Warehousing industries to eliminate the existing corrosion and to prevent the corrosion in their new/ operating / standby assets. Our technologies protect the internal and external surfaces of various equipment and piping – made of both metallic and non-metallic materials.

Vision and Mission


To fully and effectively preserve and protect every metal surface from rust and corrosion, using the most effective technology available ensuring zero harm to environment, people and property and achieving the maximum possible utility of physical assets, at lowest cost to Mother Earth.


To be the market leader in innovation and exceeding customer expectations in preserving customers’ assets, through customer orientation, development, excellence in effectiveness, quality, efficiency and suitability of the preservation solutions.

What We Do

Deva Preservation Services Pte. Ltd. is an integrated solution provider

Let us know your corrosion issue and we will provide a technologically and commercially viable solution that works with your current work processes.

We are a one stop solution provider for your project preservation needs.

What We Offer

Avoidable Corrosion and Materials deterioration costs billions of dollars a year to the industries in equipment failures, repairs, reworks, replacement, rejects, project delays and shorter life span of assets. This results in avoidable wastage of natural resources, causing harm to Mother Earth, environment and future generations.

To protect against corrosion / deterioration, we need to preserve materials – metals and non-metals.

There are many companies offering products that can assist in preserving the materials. Choosing the right product for the given problem is an area of concern, as there are not many knowledgeable sources available to guide the millions of customers in making the right choice.

We bridge that gap and work to solve your preservation and corrosion related problems .

We provide solutions, not products. These solutions cover all the stages of problem solving-from problem analysis to recommending appropriate solutions to providing materials & technical support to implement the solutions and, documenting the same. Even when there is no readymade solution available, we work with our clients to develop new solutions (thru R&D) and solve or minimize their problems.

Considering the market needs, we offer ‘ONE-STOP SOLUTIONS’ for clients’ all preservation needs, using the latest technologies that are appropriate, green and cost effective. Currently, we use Advanced VCI Technology, Single Compound Moisture Cure PU Coating Technology, Ceramic/Metallic/Glass Flake Coating and other preservation/recovery technologies depending on the specific needs. Constantly, we are expanding our range of solutions to cover the additional needs of clients that are not addressed by our current technologies.

Geographically, we are available to provide our services in any of part of the world – either directly or through our associates – to solve our clients' problems, wherever they are.

For Asset Owners: We eliminate any unplanned downtime of the asset due to corrosion.

For Shipyards and Construction: We prevent reworks/repairs to the asset and thus prevent additional cost and any schedule delay to the projects.

For Raw Material Warehouse: We prevent money loss due to corrosion of raw material.

For Finished Products Warehouse: We ensure that the asset is available for use in corrosion free condition as and when it is required.

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