Degreasing & Preservation


Degrease ferrous and non-ferrous parts with high level of oil/grease layer with ease. Solvent based degreaser so it evaporates post wash.


This product is recommended for:
  • Both ferrous and Non-ferrous parts.
  • Can remove thick oily film as well as greasy layers.
  • Do not need any cloth wipe post degreasing, Do not dilute with water.


  • High degreasing power for geometrically complex parts .
  • Forms an almost imperceptible thin protective film able to affix stabilizing auto-repairable anti-corrosive surfaces.
  • V - active VCI monomolecular layer formation post degreasing stops flash rusting till preservation application.

Features & Benefits

  • Gives a fine layer of protection while removing heavy rust.
  • Does not etch the bare metal excessively post removal of rust/corrosion.
  • For further treatment like painting, de-rusted & neutralized surface will be in good condition .

Directions for use

  • Apply the degreaser by brush, spray or immersion/dip to all the areas required.
  • Atomization spray may not be required for the solvent based Dev VCI OD53.
  • Apply the corrosion prevention immediately without any delay, even though the degreaser will take of flash rusting for short duration.
  • Do not dilute, use the degreaser as supplied.

Handling, Storage & Packaging

  • Dev VCI OD53 is volatile solution.
  • If comes into contact with eyes, wash with plenty of water.
  • Available in 20L carboy/200L barrel.

Physical & Chemical Data

Film Type monomolecular
Colour Colourless
COC inflammation point >70degC / 158F
Density at 20°C 0.820 g/cm3


This product is for
  • Removing process dirt and fluids with temperatures of up to 60°C .
  • Degreasing with anti-corrosive protection for ferrous and non-ferrous materials, equipment stored indoors.
  • Dev VCI WD23 is specially designed for high pressure wash in machines, works good in even greater than 10 bars pressure without formation of foam. Removing process dirt & fluids.
  • Dev VCI WD25 is designed to degrease machining processes with mineral oil and water-soluble fluids and degreasing with corrosion protection for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.


  • Excellent degreasing power.
  • Good separation of “tramp oil”. Non-aggressive to skin.
  • Forms an almost unnoticeable thin protective film able to affix stabilizing auto-repairable anti-corrosive surface.


Water-based degreaser with anti-corrosion protection for metals and protecting parts and equipment. Product recommended ferrous and non-ferrous metals like aluminium, yellow metals and their alloys, made of organic raw materials with ADVANCED VCI.

Directions for use

  • Dev VCI WD20 shall be mixed with water at % based; on application as shown in the tabulation.
  • Dev VCI OD53 is solvent based; do not dilute apply as supplied.
  • Apply degreaser by brush, spray or dip to all the areas required.
  • Dev VCI WD20 is water-based degreaser, Dev VCI OD53 is solvent based degreaser. Both shall not be mixed.

Storage & Packages

  • Store away from heat, flame or sparks.
  • Do not reuse empty containers.
  • Available in 20L carboy cans or 200L barrels.

Physical & Chemical Data:

Film Type Monomolecular
idel Working Temperature Upto 60°c
Immersion Colourless
Spraying Min of 5%
Colour Yellow
Physical State Liquid
Density at 20°C 1.030 g/cm3

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