Dev PWCI 201


Potable water additive Dev PWCI 201 is a premier corrosion inhibitor containing a proprietary formulation of eco-friendly compounds and film-forming chemicals. It provides good protection to mild steel pipelines for potable water and industrial water systems.


  • Potable water additive PWCI-201 may be added to the storage tank containing potable water (Municipality water or the fresh water obtained from seawater by various means) at the dosages decided earlier.
  • The product is soluble in water. This potable water after addition of potable water additive PWCI-201 can be circulated through mild steel pipes.
  • This water can be very well used in bathroom showers, kitchen for washing utensils and other general purpose EXCEPT drinking. The product is suitable for domestic and commercial use.
  • When the solution touches the walls of the metal surface it starts forming a film and prevent corrosion by inhibition, so circulation or first 100% wetting of all surface is needed.
  • In case of big tanks, it works well wherever water solution is filled and in contact with the bare metal. It stops corrosion of the bare metal and paint damages of surfaces due to sea water actions.
  • For long term protection add periodic doses every six months. No air tight closure of the opening of the top and sealing is needed for preservation purpose.


The additives used in potable water additive PWCI-201 are eco-friendly and would not pose any harm to the user.

Directions for use

Potable water additive PWCI-201 should be dosed continuously at a dose rate of 800 to 1000 PPM initially say for 3-4 weeks (for new system/installation) and subsequently it should be brought down to 50 to 100 PPM (after stabilization) by using a positive displacement pump such as diaphragm and peristaltic type metering pumps or a one-time dose of 0.1% of the content volume for the stagnated water (for long time periods).

Handling, Storage & Packaging

Available in 50L carboys or 200L barrel.

Physical & Chemical Data

Type of Protection Film forming
Solubility Soluble in water
Appearance Colorless to yellow solution
Spray Minimum of 5%
pH 4 – 7.5
Density 1.01 – 1.1 g/cm3

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