Inventory In Wooden Box


Anti-corrosive VCI coating liquid that forms a protective film on the metal surface which are packed/shipped in wooden boxes.


  • Applied inside of the wooden boxes which is closed environment where, the anti-corrosive in its vapor phase remains inside.
  • Protection of metallic materials contained inside the wooden box.
  • Ready to use solution.
  • Product should be applied on the internal face of the wood box (package).


  • High chemical stability. Forms an almost imperceptible thin protective film able to affix stabilizing auto-repairable anti-corrosive surfaces.

Features & Benefits

  • Preserves parts kept or shipped in wooden boxes over long period of time, it peculates in the wooden pores and keeps dissipating VCI vapour.
  • Activation of wood in protecting metallic materials.
  • Protects the wooden surface from decay.
  • Forms a protective monomolecular film layer on metal surface with excellent solubility in water.

Directions for use

Apply Dev VCI Wood Pro by brush/roller/spray to cover the entire surface of inner surfaces of the wooden boxes, partitions, separators, etc. Cover all wooden surfaces which are directly facing/exposed to the packed material.

Storage & Packaging

  • Store & away from heat, flame or sparks.
  • Available in boxes containing 12 units.
  • Dev VCI AA Refill can be ordered separately.

Physical & Chemical Data:

Type of film Monomolecular
Solubility In water
Colour Yellow
Appearance Liquid

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