Advanced VCI

Principle of Operation


Deva’s preservatives are manufactured using proprietary technology, providing specific protection for each type of metal. Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI) of DEVA are not toxic and do not pose any risks to health and the environment.

It is an innovative organic compound with differentiated molecular structure, safe for people and the environment, which remains active in the substrate where it is applied: paints, resins, varnishes, plastics, process fluids and cellulosic products, among others. The Advanced VCI in the presence of metals, act effectively in the vapour phase or by contact, without interfering in any electrical activity, which can compromise the stability of the metallic surface.

VCI are organic salts derived from safe preservatives which gradually volatilize saturating the internal environment of the package by depositing these salts on the metal surface. It will form an invisible monomolecular layer which protects against corrosion. When opened, this protective layer will dissipate without residue, leaving the metal clean and ready for use.

  • VCI molecules are vaporized and released by Advanced VCI carrier into the surroundings. These molecules are ionized by the electrolyte – air with moisture.
  • These ions are attracted to metal surface, by the free surface charges present in the metallic materials. On reaching metal surface, these ions neutralize the opposite charges present in the metal surface and form a mono-molecular protective barrier.
  • This impermeable, ion-bonded protective layer covers the bare metal and reduces the POTENTIAL ENERGY of the metal surface close to zero.
  • This neutral layer in turn protects the metallic surface from corrosion and stops the propagation of the existing corrosion, if any.
  • The VCI carriers are available in various forms to suit application – Water-based, Oil-based, Diesel-based, Paper and Plastic
  • The VCI vapor will protect inaccessible areas/parts.

Internal Preservation using Advanced VCI Technology

  • Internal protection in liquid phase and vapor phase - VCI.
  • VCI ions form protective layer between liquid and metal; also, vaporizes, ionizes and forms protective layer between air space and metal.
  • When the liquid contains multi-phases like oil & water, VCI dissolves in both oil and water creating the protective layer between oil & metal; water & metal and, air & metal.

External Preservation using Advanced VCI Technology

  • External protection with Stable Film with chemical activity.
  • To keep the VCI ions, a retention film is formed on metal surfaces.
  • VCI action occurs within the film on the metal surface.
  • Different types are developed to take care of various applications suitable for
  • open yard where sun and rain protection is required-with waxy coat, transparent film
  • forming, lubricating and quickly peelable able when additional actions are required on the parts.

Packaging Preservation

Action on the packaging: The organic base acts as a passive and active loader, which carries (when volatilized) an organic or inorganic ion. The natural tendency is that it deposits on the metal surface, forming a uniform and invisible film. After a certain concentration level of vapor, equilibrium is established, which results in a perfect trade-off between the inhibitor on the packing and on the metal surface, meaning that the condensation mechanism has the same speed as the vaporization mechanism.

In an ideal system for the occurrence of protection, the package must be airtight causing the equilibrium in the system. In this case the durability of anti-corrosive protection with VCI tends to be infinite. If there is an exchange with the outside (small leaks or vents) there will be a constant 'renewal' of the environment can which causes consumption and consequently wear of the VCI implemented in the system.

The inhibitory layer or film on the metal surface is preserved while the product remains enclosed in the package. The protection mechanism ensures that the parts are ready for immediate use without the need of cleaning or washing with solvent.


  • The VCI Paper is a neutral Kraft paper with high absorbency power, chemically treated on one side.

Plastic Films

  • The VCI films (Stretch Film) of VCI are composed by polyethylene and combinations, extruded monolayer or co-extruded 3 layers, in blow or cast machine types.
  • This additional cleaning operation depends mainly on the final application of the metal in question. The metallic corrosion begins when the moisture (which contains the electrolyte) condenses on the metal surface, causing a flow of electrons between the metal surface and the electrolyte. The VCI molecules do not prevent the deposition of the electrolyte, however, directs the existing flow in the satisfactory sense so that there is no oxidation of the metal. Depending on the metal and the inhibitor system, the thin layer formed physically prevents the contact of the electrolyte with metal.
  • We offer various VCI packaging formats, protective fluids and wrapping machines. The main differentials of our products are the protective efficiency and its cost-benefit offered to our clients’ processes.

What are the advantages of our VCI packaging?

  • Anticorrosive technology for metal parts and equipment.
  • Efficient result in anti-corrosive protection.
  • Excellent cost benefit.
  • Advanced VCI does not contain chemical substances in its composition according to the negative international list of chemical products.
  • To keep the VCI ions, wrapping is done on the metal surfaces.
  • VCI action occurs within the film on the metal surface.
  • The plastic and paper are available with VCI impregnated in multilayer can be shrink wrapped by heat guns or stretch wrapped with thin wetting films.
  • The plastics are UV filters added to have resistance from sun rays.
  • For container like enclosure, room aerosol like dispensers are installed..

Advantages over Traditional Methods

No Nitrogen (N2) Purging

  • We have worked with many tanks and pipelines of various type of vessels, pipes and equipment void areas, for replacing nitrogen purging. Results obtained by us in the pipes preservation are very good without any traces of corrosion. Photos of the preservation are attached below.
  • Our preservation with the use of Dev VCI O-Shield 25 for the internal preservation of the pipes was efficient. The nitrogen purging process prevents oxidation for a maximum period of 30 days because loss of internal pressure and need for additional demand for the injection of new nitrogen occurs. The use of the VCI protective is recommended in the processes of pipes preservation, since there is no addition of preservative required for over long time, if the ends are closed airtight. The initial preservative added is adequate to automatically repair the VCI film continuously if there is any loss of internal pressure.
  • Preservation is proven to be still in effect even when there is movement of pipes for production, storage and transportation until it is assembled. It can be achieved just by maintaining the pipe ends closed by plastic plug. These results were used for by many Oil & Gas companies that force its suppliers to carry out internal preservation of the pipes with the use of VCI protective before delivery. This way, the beginning of the operations or assembly of pipe will happen without need of a new acid pickling and passivation, reducing the process costs, eliminating the use of nitrogen as corrosion inhibitor, reducing the consumption of water and reducing the cost to discard dangerous chemical products.

Humidity is NOT a Constraint

  • Unlike silica gel/desiccants, our Dev VCI Emitters are better because they are dry type, vapor forming, have good shelf life, low labor cost, work for longer duration, offer better coverage, low risk to assets, easy application method, are nontoxic, recyclable, biodegradable, even it stops existing corrosion from further progression.
  • Silica gel absorbs moisture only at its surroundings or nearby places where it is placed but our Dev VCI Emitters are made of VCI impregnated material and therefore will be equally distributed and reach out to all places where there is an access. 8pcs of Dev VCI Emitters will cover 1m3 of volume space. Very easy to calculate specific for the given cubical volume, no need to worry about different moisture levels, easy and safe to use. We also provide Dev VCI Electro clean asan electrical contact cleaner product which is a VCI based product.
  • Composed by a recyclable & biodegradable substrate – cellulose, Dev VCI Emitter is 100% cotton impregnated with Advanced VCI compound.
  • Non-toxic, free of nitrites, halogens, phosphates
  • Dev VCI Emitters does not need replacing even when it is saturated with moisture. But this is different for silica gel which gives adverse effect and motivates corrosion when saturated with moisture. Not only do our Dev VCI Emitters work with moisture, they convert the moisture into VCI molecules and form a mono molecular layer which stops corrosion of metal and non-metal in the critical areas like switch gears, PCBs, control circuits, where dry protection is must.
  • Dev VCI Emitters is an economical alternative for E&I storage corrosion protection as compared to silica gel and desiccants.

Ease of Use: Flexibility

  • Can be sprayed, brushed, rolled or dipped.
  • Provides mechanical and chemical resistance.
  • Low cost: fewer stages in the process of packing and unpacking of metallic material.
  • Does not offer any risks to human health or the environment. Satisfying processes termed as 'Clean'
  • Biodegradable, practically non-toxic and recyclable (certain products).

Safe & Green Technology

  • Green inhibitors display substantially improved environmental protection compared to old formulations.
  • Corrosion inhibitors are biodegradable.
  • Based on organic compounds, our Advanced VCI Technology aims to inhibit the corrosion process of metallic materials without harming the environment.
  • This process happens through the sublimation of the volatile compounds with low pressure, creating a protective layer on metallic material.

Clean Technology

  • No occurrence of material deposition on the metal surface (Clean Technology)
  • Does not require cleaning processes afterwards (no need to use toxic organic solvents)
  • Metal parts with good visual presentation after storage and transport, ready for use.

Stops Galvanic Corrosion of Dissimilar Metals

Our Dev VCI O-Shield 80/82 are proved to stop the galvanic related carrion in the instrument air lines, Hydraulic lines where different combination of ferrule, threaded, crimped joints used to corrode locally due to galvanic corrosions are stopped when we apply our preservative.

Minimum Petroleum-Based Products

Unlike oil-based preservatives, Deva’s majority of products do not need solvent based cleaning during preservation time,unwrap and use, thus resulting up in low labor cost.The VCI product is 100% biodegradable.

Advantages over Competitors' Technology


  • With Dev Advanced VCI Technology, one-time preservation concept is what we believe in and provide. Our products and solutions are proven to provide long lasting corrosion protection as compared to competitors (1~2 year).

Suitable for All Metals

  • The products used are not specific to for the various metal types. Our preservatives are recommended for ferrous and non-ferrous materials which provide equal protection for other metals, and parts constructed of a combination of metals. Whereas many other restrict the use of VCI products designed to protect all the metals used, that is not required in our VCI products.

No Reaction with Metals

  • With Dev Advanced VCI Technology, our products do not react or create irregular reaction with any parent metals. Unlike competitors' products, some clients have reported about other VCI technology products reacting with their equipment metals and create issues with the preservation protection,it never happens with Dev Advanced VCI Technology.

No Powders

  • We do not use powders or powder sachets. Powders are used to protect pipe work and void tank system which contaminates nearby area during application and creates lot of housekeeping related issues.
  • Some clients report clogging issue when they try to flush out the powders during activation. As we know, it is almost impossible to remove any solid material from the internals of a closed system completely due to the nature that solids do not flow well when compared with liquids. Therefore, in Deva PS, we do not use powder preservatives.

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