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What we offer?

Corrosion costs billions of dollars a year to the industries, in equipment failures, repairs, reworks, replacement, rejects, project delays and shorter life span of assets. This results in avoidable wastage of natural resources, causing harm to Mother Earth, Environment and Future generations.

To protect against corrosion, we need to preserve metals.

There are many companies offering products that can assist in preserving the metals. Choosing the right product for the given problem is an area of concern, as there are not many knowledgeable sources available to guide the millions of customers in making the right choice.

We bridge that gap and work to solve your preservation and corrosion related problems.

We provide solutions – not products. These solutions cover all the stages of problem solving from problem analysis to recommending appropriate solutions to providing materials & technical support to implement the solutions and documenting the same. Ever when there is no readymade solution available, we work with our Clients to solve or minimize their problems. 

Considering the market needs, we offer ‘ONE-STOP SOLUTION’ for Clients’ all preservation needs, using the latest technologies that are appropriate, green and cost effective. Currently, we use V-active VCI technology, Single compound moisture cure PU coating technology, Ceramic/ Metallic / Glass flake coating and other preservation /recovery technologies depending on the specific needs. Constantly, we are expanding our range of solutions to cover the additional needs of Clients that are not addressed by our current technologies.

Geographically, we are available to provide our services in any of part of the World – either directly or through our associates – to solve our Clients’ problems, wherever they are.

About Us

We – Deva Group– work to safeguard the Mother Earth and provide meaningful employment to as many as possible. We achieve this through various entrepreneurial initiatives like Deva Management Services Pte Ltd (DevaMS), Deva Preservation Services Pte Ltd (DevaPS).

In DevaPS, we work to preserve the metallic assets and their productive life – during construction, operation and layup. We employ cutting edge and proven preservation technologies that reduce the cost to our Clients.


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