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Who we are?

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Deva Preservation Services Pte Ltd is a specialized Preservation Company.

We employ cutting edge, proven preservation technologies to preserve our clients equipment.

We have worked with many MNC in the Marine and Oil & Gas industries for their projects and preservation of their equipment.


About Us

We – Deva Group– work to safeguard the Mother Earth and provide meaningful employment to as many as possible. We achieve this through various entrepreneurial initiatives like Deva Management Services Pte Ltd (DevaMS), Deva Preservation Services Pte Ltd (DevaPS).

In DevaPS, we work to preserve the metallic assets and their productive life – during construction, operation and layup. We employ cutting edge and proven preservation technologies that reduce the cost to our Clients.


Tel: +65-6665-0320 / 0830,    

+65-6493-2406 / 2407,

+65-6493- 2408 / 2409

Email: enquiry@preservemetals.com

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