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Repair resins


 EG Metal

XL Metal 

 Ceramic Metal

 Ceramic Fluid Metal

Ceramic HT

Ceramic HTA

 Ceramic Flow

 Ceramic HD

Base plate cracked – rebuild


Bearing housing – rebuild


Bearing support – rebuild


Bow thrusters – rebuild/ protect


Casings holed – rebuild


Centrifuges – rebuild/protect


Chutes liquid – rebuild/protect


Chutes powder – rebuild/protect


Chutes aggregates – rebuild/protect


Cyclones – rebuild/protect


Deflector screens – rebuild/protect


Engine block – rebuild


Evaporators – rebuild/ protect


Filters/strainers -protect


Flange faces – rebuild/protect


Heat exchangers – rebuild/protect


Hydraulic rams scored – rebuild


Hoppers powder – rebuild/protect


Hoppers aggregate – rebuild/protect


Jet tubes – rebuild/protect


Keyways – rebuild


Kort nozzles – rebuild/ protect


Machine beds scored – rebuild


Mixing bowls – rebuild/protect


Pintle sleeves – rebuild/ protect


Pipe elbows/bends – rebuild/protect


Pipe leaks – repair


Pipework internal – liquid


Pipework internal – powder


Pipework internal – aggregate


Process vessels – rebuild/ protect


Propeller s – rebuild/ protect


Pump casing internals – liquid


Pump casing internals – powder


Pump casing internals – slurry

About Us

We – Deva Group– work to safeguard the Mother Earth and provide meaningful employment to as many as possible. We achieve this through various entrepreneurial initiatives like Deva Management Services Pte Ltd (DevaMS), Deva Preservation Services Pte Ltd (DevaPS).

In DevaPS, we work to preserve the metallic assets and their productive life – during construction, operation and layup. We employ cutting edge and proven preservation technologies that reduce the cost to our Clients.


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Email: enquiry@preservemetals.com

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