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V-active VCI based Asset Integrity Management (AIM)

Our V-active VCI technology uses VCI Vapour to prevent corrosion in Metal.



  • Rust occurs when Metal, Oxygen and Moisture are present.
  • Our V-Active VCI technology blocks the oxygen from touching the Metal.
  • Rust is prevented even though Oxygen and Moisture are still present in the system.
  • Our propriety system provide corrosion protection in liquid and air phase at the same time
  • V-Active VCI is available in various form to suit application – Water , Oil , Diesel , Paper & Plastic
  • V-Active VCI prevents corrosion and stop existing corrosion.




 vactive 2

  • In an enclosed system, the VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) Vapour is ionised by water.
  • The VCI vapour latches on to the bare metal surface and neutralise the charges.
  • It forms a monomolecular layer with the bare metal.
  • This layer repels oxygen. Hence prevent rust from occurring even though Oxygen and Moisture remains in the system.
  • V-Active VCI is invisible, non-toxic, non-reactive and non-hazardous.


V-Active VCI in action




  • Compatible with Oxygen and Moisture
  • Stop Existing Corrosion
  • Prevent formation of new corrosion
  • Enables monitoring of result
  • One-time preservation concept
  • Environmentally-Friendly (Non Toxic, Non Hazardous, User-Friendly)
  • Safe to use
  • Triple Phase Protection (Can protect surface exposed to Air, Water, Oil at the same time)
  • Cost Effective
  • More effective than traditional Preservation methods


vcibef vciaf 

 Without protection. External Tank is rusted.

With V-Active VCI protection. The VCI Vapour 
prevent internal tank from rusting.

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