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Vapour Corrosion Inhibition Technology

Vapour Phase Corrosion Inhibitors (VCIs) are chemical compounds having significant vapour pressures that allow vaporization of the molecules and subsequent adsorption of these on metallic surfaces. The advantage of these vapour phase corrosion inhibitors is that the vaporized molecules can reach hard-to-reach areas commonly found in electronic enclosures, between two metal flanges and similar other systems. In order to be used effectively, the VCIs must be compatible with the metals to be protected and the environment, be economical for the operation, be easily applied and must have greatest desired effect in protecting the metallic surfaces from atmospheric corrosion.  Our V-Active technology uses an innovative organic compound with a differentiated molecular structure that protects the bare metallic surface both in immersed and aerated state.

Corrosion is an electrochemical phenomena resulting from the individual or combined action of oxygen moisture and atmospheric pollutants with metals and alloys. Acid rain, hydrogen sulfide, chlorides, temperature and high humidity will also accelerate corrosion. Classical methods of protecting metals and alloys from atmospheric attack include (a) using paints and coatings and (b) alloying the metal to increase its resistance to corrosion. An effective and relatively inexpensive method of controlling corrosion in closed systems or environments is through the use of vapour phase corrosion inhibitors. In the case of precise scientific instruments, electrical and electronic equipment’s, VCIs offer a definite advantage over classical methods of protection. A VCI is a chemical substance which when added in small concentrations to an environment, effectively checks, and decreases or prevents the reaction of the metal with the environment. A VCI can be defined as an individual chemical or combination of chemicals (mostly organic) having high vapour pressure that can prevent atmospheric corrosion of metallic materials.

What is V-Active?

It is an innovative organic compound with differentiated molecular structure, safe for people and the environment, which remains active in the substrate when added to : paints, resins, varnishes, plastics, process fluids and cellulosic products, among others.

The V-active in the presence of metals, acts effectively in the vapour phase and by contact, interfering in the electrical activity, which confers the stability of the metallic surface. This means it provides protection both in immersion and vapour phase.



V-Active Internal

For Internal the protection, V-Active function purely on the basis of how the chemist has designed the vapour pressure. The vapour pressure is optimized to release enough vapour to protect the aerated metal surface exposed to internal air and enough VCI molecules are retained by the immersed portion of metal surface to form a mono-molecular layer on both types of surfaces. Thus ensuring all around protection against corrosion.


V-Active External

For External Protection, the film forming capacity of the preservation material governs the protection provided to metal surface, as the vapour emitted is entrapped between the metal surface and the oil or aqua film to provide protection against corrosion as desired.



We have VCI Paper and Plastics that will release the V-Active VCI vapour over time. The vapour will form a mono-molecular layer with bare metal, this layer will repel oxygen and prevent corrosion from starting.


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