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Corrosion of metals and its prevention

August 4, 2014
Corrosion is a problem in every industry. Metals have a natural tendency to oxidize to reach more stable state like rust, as found in nature. Metals oxidize at various rates, depending on environmental factors, by reacting with moisture and/ or oxygen to develop rust / oxide layer. Because of this, Industries suffer heavily – due to loss of integrity of their assets resulting in lower availability and poorer reliability.  This is a major challenge for Asset Integrity Management. How to prevent and / or eliminate these problems??? Deva Preservation Services has many customised technological solutions to prevent rust, to prevent the growth of existing rust and to remove the existing rust. Thus, we differ from traditional solutions by enabling prevention rather than repair / rework. Traditional methods - coatings, grease, oil, silica gel, nitrogen purging - stops rust formation for shorter duration and then the oxidation process starts again. Our “Advanced VCI” which is in various forms like water, oil, paper and plastic, works in the presence of oxygen and moisture. “Advanced VCI” prevents and stops existing corrosion and preserve the bare metals. Deva preservation also provides many more innovative solutions based on necessity such as:  1.Corrosion inhibitors for all…
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We – Deva Group– work to safeguard the Mother Earth and provide meaningful employment to as many as possible. We achieve this through various entrepreneurial initiatives like Deva Management Services Pte Ltd (DevaMS), Deva Preservation Services Pte Ltd (DevaPS).

In DevaPS, we work to preserve the metallic assets and their productive life – during construction, operation and layup. We employ cutting edge and proven preservation technologies that reduce the cost to our Clients.


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